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 I was wondering what should I expect when I wake from surgery ? What will be the size of my breast ? Will it be noticeable when I go back to work? Will I be smaller?
How much saline do they do the first fill on the table?
I am a C cup now. Sorry if these are dumb questions.
My sister had a partial mast with no reconstruction, step
Mom had bilat with no recon so did step grandmother. I have seen my sister in law after a few years and she looked really good. When do the bandages come off and is there some special bra I will need for recovery? How painful are the fills?
Wow I sure have a lot of questions. 

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When I woke up I had a bra on. It was a large surgical-type bra. I had breasts. I was filled to 300 ccs I think. I looked down and there was cleavage and everything. I had a skin sparing procedure, so even the skin on my cleavage was familiar looking. It made me feel so good to see that everything was the same.

I had four drains. I also had the On-Q pump which was in a bag that looked like a fanny pack hanging around my neck and from it came two tiny tubes that went under the bandaging.

The pain I felt was not the pain of open surgery like abdominal surgery- NOT AT ALL. I felt a muscle pain. Like I had somehow tried to press a 500 pound weight. It was worst when I woke up and was duking it out with my night nurse from hell. But as every hour passed, the pain lessened. I did not have any narcotic pain medication- not even in my anesthesia. I was able to do all of this on Tylenol. It would have been nicer if the night nurse from hell had given me my next scheduled dose of Tylenol at the time I was due for it, 2:00 AM- but she waited until 5:30 AM. I think I would have been a lot more comfortable.

I also had a foley cath which I got removed about three hours after I was in my room.

One I was up and moving around I felt so much better. By the time the morning came I was ready to go.

Once home I had to measure my drain ouput and eventually the drains were removed. Mine didn't come out all at once. A couple stayed in for a long time, but it is better to keep them in than to take them out too early.

The WORST PAIN I HAD was from the node dissection. That hurt more than the bilat.  If I remember correctly, you aren't having an SNB correct? That is good. However, I don't know what the pain is like with an SNB because I have had the full monty both times.

A few days later I really was amazed at how perky I was. It looks like you are wearing a wonder bra. I went from Marjorie Maine to Gidget.

If you can take pain killers it should be much easier all the way around for you.




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