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I have pathology reports that are not in agreement.  One says it has medullary features, the other says it is arguably true medullary.  If it is true medullary, I may be able to opt out of chemo.  Since I also have active inflammatory bowel disease, having chemo could risk fatal inflammation or infection.  I am trying to determine what to do but it is impossible because I cannot get straight and precise answers to see if I fall within the criteria for medullary or not.  My question is, how do I get coherent answers from the pathologists and has anybody else run into such a situation as this?

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Hi MsBliss,

I think you should have your slides sent to a major cancer center for a second opinion.  Sloan-Kettering, MD Anderson, etc.  Opting out of chemo for a TN is tricky-business and I think that an expert should be consulted before you do that...

Many {{hugs}}
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