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Seven years ago I was told I had the "bad" cancer... the one that had the poorer prognosis and the one that people really can't beat.
Seven years ago today.

Back then they didn't have the studies that are out now. In fact, I was given what would be considered substandard chemo for our aggressive, nasty disease.
But it worked.

We are given many negative percentage points... I am here to tell you that there are people who wind up on the positive side of those negative numbers.

Don't despair. They are finding out more and more everyday. Women are surviving triple negative now like never before. And it still holds true, chemo works better on this type of cancer than on its ER/PR + cousin.

I was lucky. But I was also pro-active. We may not be able to take a drug post treatment to protect us, but there are other things we can do- things I have done.

I dropped my chemo weight
I cut my diet to under 30 grams of fat a day
I exercise at least 5 times a week
I sprinkle flax seeds on my cereal every morning
I rarely eat meat

Did these things help me beat a recurrence for triple negative for seven years? I don't know. But I sure a hell am not going to stop.

I love the unity we have. When I was first diagnosed I felt lost in a sea of ER/PR Positive women who seemed to be getting good news every day on TV- there would be a special report about a breakthrough in cancer- I would wait anxiously through the commercials and the weather report only to hear, "This wonder drug only works for women with hormone sensitive breast cancer." I have since kept throwable objects out of reach of the television.

Now, seven years later, the breakthroughs are being reported about us. Our voices are being heard. And for as long as I live I will be one of the loudest voices screaming for better research and treatments for all of my triple negative sisters.

I made it seven years so far. People DO survive this.

With solidarity and lots of love,




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you are an inspiration to us all....thank you


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All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  Initially when I found out I had the "bad" cancer, I felt lost - like someone had branded me with a scarlet letter or something, so I can only image how you felt 7 years ago.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here to reason and talk sanity into me on days when I felt so low.



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