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Hello, all!   I had treatment #2 today  (TAC).   I am doing well so far.   My sister in law took me and stayed with me.   We did several errands on the way home and then I came home and took a nap.   Got woke up by the phone but it turned out to be a good thing.   My neighbor wanted to bring supper!   She brought pork chops, roast beef, cheesy potatoes, squash casserole, a huge roll, pasta salad and a brownie for dessert!!!!!   HELLO?????????   It was a beautiful thing and wonderful timing.    So......hopefully things will go well after this treatment now that I am getting the hang of all this a bit more.   I did find out from the oncologist today that he wants me to do the 6 rounds of chemo.....then surgery.....and then radiation.   I have an appointment to meet the radiation oncologist.    So we will get it all lined up and be ready.    It's all just a BIG bump in the road.    Oh, yeah.....I had felt the "bump" and it felt smaller to after one treatment.   The doctor felt it today and said the same felt smaller to him, too.   So, hopefully and thanks be to God, it seems to be working.   Thank you all for your time, your support and your prayers.   This board is a wonderful resource!   Take care of yourselves!

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Carolyn! That is wonderful news!
Your cancer is immediately responding to chemo-
You know, everyone talks about chemo's side effects but they always forget the biggest one: IT WORKS!

That is some dinner - did you eat all that? WTG girl!

No remember to stay hydrated today and tomorrow and don't let your tummy get too empty. Take your medicine whether you feel like you need it or not.

I bet you are going to be like my friend who had neo-adjuvant chemo that shrunk her tumor so much they had to put a marker in her breast to remember where it was.

Big hugs to you,




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Good to hear you are doing well and Gina says, drink, drink and drink some more water...holding your hand..Hugs

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