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Goddess Forever
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So I had to add this! Top Chef is driving me crazy. I am not a foofoo foodie, I know that. But what I like is good fresh food. These chefs were awful last night. The lemon martini! You don't ask others if it is sweet! Your palate is supposed to be a Top Chef palate, she was looking for approval for a crap dish!

I cooked an enchilada sauce that was awful. How did I know I tasted it over and over! That is what cooks do! I through it out knowing it would kill every fire ant in a mile, it was beyond warm. I started over and made it like I like it.

If I think I can outcook these jokers, those poor chefs that had to eat that crap. Fresh meat could never taste like canned meat! Ever! Yes I do salmon croquettes, but has my family ever eaten fresh salmon? No! It works because they don't know the difference. If you fed my kids the grocery store shrimp, they would spit it out. Because they have been raised on fresh shrimp, we have a way of getting it fresh off the boat.  Why didn't anyone cook some great pork?

I adore Tom, so to be able to cook in his kitchen and serve crap is just so wrong! The apple pies looked good, as well as the chicken. But the Avocado dessert? You have got to be kidding me!

K so I think I am through ranting about it! I feel better now! I never thought I could outcook the Top Chef crowd!


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Goddess for Life
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It's funny but I watched it this morning and there are some people with some severe whining issues. I belong to a cooking club and there are some serious foodies in my group.  We have definitely cooked some better food than what I saw this morning.  One of the chefs is a chef from San Francisco so now I will have to go check out the restaurant.  The carpaccio salad did look good though.


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Why didn't Ariana redo that lemon curd--she knew it was too sweet.....Saying it is what it is????? And apparently she serves it in her restaurant.  Very strange.....
And Rahdika keeps say she wants to be known for more than Indian cuisine.  We'll see.  Have any of you ever eaten an avocado dessert?  I have not and  it certainly wouldn't be my preference--but I was wondering whether the judges may have thought she didn't take it far enough because she had immunity?--Was it the execution?--Was it the taste itself?

Liked Fabio's dish and if you are interested in the Olives he made -here is a more detailed video of the process:


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Padma drives me crazy. She is always posing. And what is with that way of speaking? I know she has an accent, but the breathy-ness is annoying.

I agree, this group is like the gang who couldn't shoot straight.
I happen to love team Europe. They seem to really know their stuff.
Also Fabio cracks me up.



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