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Hey Sam! Happy Easter and Happy Pet The Animals Day!!!!!!!!

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Goddess Forever
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Hello! I am starting to feel normal slowly. This round really brought me down for some reason. I started off pretty good and then I slowly started to feel really tired and run down.

And puffy! It is getting better, but I really looked pale and puffy to the point where I think you could have poked me in the stomach and I could have done the Pillsbury Doughboy dance. My weight went up pretty significantly in a week too. I know I have been letting myself overindulge a little, but I was surprised to see that.

Is that normal Edge? I was thinking maybe it was a good sign that the treatment really knocked out all my thyroid cells because I really got run down and stuff.

It is slowly getting better since I got back on my meds, but I wasn't prepared to feel so tired and beat!


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