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Pathfinder Angel
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Reading through posts and encouragements today, Thanksgiving 2008.  It is a glorious day outside in south Florida, yet my thoughts are high on a hill in the Connecticut River Valley.
What keeps us going?  Love; those un-anticipated expressions of individual connection with our common and uncommon tribulations.  I am grateful I can come and find strength, sustenance, and practical advice, kind of like a pilgrim looking for a way through the winter to spring.
Many thanks, my friends, and many blessings.  Mary

Dear friend, theory is all grey, and the golden tree of life is green. - Goethe

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((((Mary))) Many blessings and lots of love to you too.
Happy Thanksgiving... next year you will look back at this Thanksgiving and it will seem lightyears ago because you won't be in treatment any longer and you will be living happily with our favorite person NED.

(NED is the acronym docs use for the wonderful phrase No Evidence of Disease. We are all in love with him and want to dance with Ned forever!)




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I am thankful for the No Surrender website too.
I never would have survived my treatments if I didn't have the support I got here.
I am so proud to be part of the Foundation that is so grassroots and has a direct purpose to help even more women like me.
If there is anything I can do to give back  to No Surrender I will do it!
God bless you.

I believe
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