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Thank you to each and every one of you who has made this little site so wonderful.

It was started because our home was suddenly redecorated and we needed a comfortable place to hang our hats while the paint dried.

Now that things have gotten better and easier to handle on bco it is heartwarming to see posts from you both there and here, because this site has always been meant to be an extension of our mothership.

I see the stats and we have quite a few readers out there in the world wide web and they keep coming because of all of you.

You have opened up your hearts and your homes and let us share in your lives and this is really one of the warmest places around - all because of YOU.

I also want to thank everyone here who has helped me get through this past year. It is not anything that can be compared to what some of our other sisters have endured and the trials and tribulations our metsters have had to deal with. But for me it was hard and you all held my hand and cushioned each fall.

Thank you~
Deb, Charlene, Darleen, Bev,  Iris, Beth, Betty, Jan, Blue, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Boo, Julie, Carol, Penny, Suz, Nicki, Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl,  Cheryl, Christine, Colleen, Carynn, kathy, Cozy, Carrie, Deese, Dana,  Doreen, Constantine, Ferne, Lori, Ravdeb, Gracie, Gus, Indi,  Jenni, Jill, Joey, Jeffntate, Kristin, karen, Lini, Liz, Liz, Amy, Madison, Margaret, Marsha, Pam, Michelle, ML, Nancy Lee,  Neesie, Newter, Vickie, Nicole, Penny, Odalys,  Catherine, PS Pat, marybeth, Robin, Sam, Shel, Shirley,  Shokk, Peggy, Doris, Valerie, Lisa, Susan, Suz, Tina, Tricia, Trish, Twink,Water, Wendy, Wildjan,  and Z.

~In everything give thanks~




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A very special happy Thanksgiving wish for you.  Thank you for all my friends. I am so blessed.

Love ya,

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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!                    
AND SOULS, THANK YOU.                                 
FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME.....LOL......................                                                                      
HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY                              


INDI        THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE PINK, AS USUAL , HAVE NO IDEA.                                                       WHY???

Friendship Goddess
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Gina, your post made me cry.  For some reason, I have become a blubbering mess this past few weeks.  This to shall pass I'm sure.  Thank you for providing us with this home.  It is a blessing to me that I can come here as well as bco to check on everyone I care so deeply about. 
Thank you all for being my friends and letting me share your lives.
Happy Holidays

"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!" - Maya Angelou

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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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Now you have me blubbering...but since it's after Thanksgiving, I think it's more like "WHALE" weight 
It's this time of year, really.  Holidays, short days, time goes by so fast, and I personally start the big cry around now.  Miss my family, and so many memories.  I love all the women on this board so much, and we all luv you too.  I have a cold today, so I am really blubbering now...
blub, blub, blub 
Cheer up, lets eat snowflakes and dream about frosty delights...

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La Deesse
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Gina, Thank you to YOU for having the energy and wits to put this site together... Your writing is always so focused and "to the point" and kind hearted... I find this especially remarkable coming from a person going through chemo!!!  Not to mention that, although still very young, you bring a reflection on life and relationships which is rich and deep.  I wished we were neighbors... Thank you for bringing us all together, I love the women who come here... and I am extremely grateful for the Cutting Edge thread where the info provided by Constantine is so well presented and substantiated, we can not only understand it but expand on it and integrate it in our own lives.

Indigo Blue (lovely name), your posts move me beyond words... your are breathing poetry... I send you special thanks, too, for being here, and warm hugs to comfort you during your "whaling" moments...

Thank you all for sharing your experience and feelings here, I do not post very often, but I read your posts, here and on the "mother ship", and I "bonded" to this wonderful group...
Wishing you the very best, 


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Goddess Forever
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Well Catherine, I definitely second every word you said. But I also want to say thank you to you... you may not post often but your posts are always well thought out and well said. I am proud to be a part of this amazing group and ALWAYS grateful to Gina ... the amazing lady who holds us all together.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on...Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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Cheryl, Catherine, Bren, Liz, G, csp, cy, oh, good grief!  It is so difficult to type, and I want to list every beatiful name, thanking you for so much more than you could ever imagine.  I am proud to be a dot in this circle of friends!
I am so thankful to have known a little part of you all, so thankful!  I pray to the great One to watch over one and all of your lives and spirit, to guard you from danger, to watch over your families and lives. 
Cheryl, once again, your words are an inspiration.  Catherine is a writer, the depth of thought you bring to my heart is so special.  I am still visiting Catherine's Dog Blog for a heartfilled joy.  In fact, Wild/Jan has inspired an old fantasy I onced hoped to live; raising horses, ponies, ducks, dogs, cats, chickens, saving wild animals, and ofcourse a garden, a studio for arts, crafts, painting and creative writing and reading, all this and more...a bunch of adopted foster children, a shelter for women...zillions of ideas for women helping women, children, animals, homeless families, teaching survival, running a business, learning a trade, learning and teaching one another to love, live, and share.
It would simply be a "safe place".  It was a dream, until I discovered the tremendous work involved.  Dh wasn't the type to actuate charity or build this dream; so he is a teacher and donates money to many organizations.
Sometimes it's better to investigate the organiizations and help them when it is needed.
Anyway, thank you for these hopes, dreams and memories. 
I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and thank you for the cards.
I have been making some watercolor handmade cards...with neuropathy and numb fingers, it's taking much longer than aggrivating to lose what I once considered well coordinated hand, eye, brain, and physical balance and abilities to remember's all in a jumbled  heap of what was I looking for, anyway?
Love you all,

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