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Wild Woman
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I wrote: "As to your progression while on Zometa, that was almost certainly due to some de novo or acquired endocrine resistance while on letrozole (Femara) AI therapy."

"I did not progress on Zometa, I progressed on Femara" - understood: the leading referencing to Zometa was a typo, but I meant, as I said "while on letrozole (Femara) AI therapy".


Okay, can someone (Edge?) enlighten me on this?  Edge, you corrected yourself.  I realize women do progress on endocrine therapy.  You are not saying that Femara is an inferior drug, but that our bodies sometimes do not repond as well to certain HTs?
I have such an UNSCIENTIC brain!  I am really confused!
Another question, or perhaps an observation after you cautioned us on dietary foods.  Could some of these AIs be failing us because of WHAT we eat?  Of course I know we should lose weight and exercise.  However, if one does the right things e.g. lose weight and exercise, and not eat correctly, can that be one of the clues as to why AIs fail some women.
Oh, I know medicine is not a perfect science!  And our doctors probably have no earthly idea about these interactions.
Thank you SOOOOO much, Constantine.  I informed my husband that I wasn't supposed to eat certain foods.  He just started liking brussel sprouts after introducing him to Balsamic vinegar doused on the sprouts.  But no problem.  I can eat green beans.    Or iceburg lettuce.  And Italian food without garlic. 
Please keep us informed on all the wonder/ful foods we are forbidden.  You know you're our bestest friend (for how long I don't know! ).
You're friend,

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In my personal opinion, I probably would have progressed on Femara eventually, but I really hurried it up.  I LOVE all the cole vegetables; my husband did not.  So, when I was free to cook whatever I wanted, I had broccoli or one of it's cousins 3-4 times a week.  LOTS of broccoli.  like 1-2c at a time.  So I think I hurried the process up.

I doubt if the Femara slowed the progression of my disease at all.  All that $$, wasted. 

the Frog's Princess
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