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Chief of Research
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There was an unexpected outage beyond anyone here's control,  affecting the server that the No Surrender forum is hosted on, and Gina is in contact with the company who is applying needed remedy, and is now addressing the response delays you may be experiencing temporarily.


TIP:  In the meantime, if you try to access any page and receive a message the page cannot be displayed, just keep refreshing the page (refresh button, or hit F5 function key) and it should appear. If all else fails, do a "forced refresh"  of the problem page, by holding done the shift key while clicking the refresh button.  This should bring in any page that was not displaying, and hopefully the server problems will soon be fully resolved and page response should return to normal.


No behalf of Gina, thanks for everyone's patience.


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Goddess Forever
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Thanks for the tips. These technical issues sometimes happen when major changes are being made. Completely understandable ... and we all know Gina is doing her best .. this is totally out of her control.

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