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Goddess Forever
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Realizing today that my memory is anything but, I am giving strong consideration to asking my psychiatrist either for a stimulant Rx or Provigil.  I called onc today for a refill on Aromasin as I will run out before visit the end of the month (had enough when appt was end of June) and told them that they could call the 800 for a 3 month Rx.  It took me to the middle of  the day to realize that the reason i was calling was i only had 3 days left so had to call back.
This worries me for when school starts back next month - that was part of my problem last year that got me in so much trouble.  If I don't write down every single detail, I forget!!!  My boss calls it lack of organization - and you know before Dx, all my evaluations rated me high in organization skills.  If I don't get it together, I won't have a job!!!
both of my big kids struggled with ADD/ADHD throughout school and tried most stimulants - Ritalin, Adderal, Concerta etc and son even Provigil - so I am quite familiar with them.  I guess if doc says yes, it will just add one more thing to the repetoire of ever ending Rx I now take.  KAren
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