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I just got a call from the person that does the clinical trials, my oncologist thinks because I am HER2 neg that I should go into this study which is Taxol/Stutent or  Taxol/Avastin  ....She said today that they would have to run all my test again, I just had them done in June-P.E.T., bone scan and all the CT's...I asked why she said the Company that runs the study requires it..after I told her that I think having so many CT's and tests are really bd for you(I read an article saying that to many of these within a short time are really bad for you and could actually cause you to have cancer) She said she would call the Company and ask if these results would suffice..My actual appointment back to my oncologist is on the 22nd of August, she said she would call me back today sometime...  This really really scares me...I'm just a mess thinking about all this...AM I going to be alright???

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