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Oh God...I jsut came back from my doctor appointment. I met with the nurse. we were to go over the results in my scan. Its back, its in T9 and in my right shoulder and they said that they will have to be keeping an  eye on my left lung.

I am devastated, and asked him how long I have. He only said that they can try to control it and that it could just be a chronic condition. He evaded giving me a time frame...

I am so numb I cant even think. He is going to let my onc know, and I guess we will set up my appointment as soon as possible. He did say Zometa...but besides that I do not know...

Hoping Edge can give me an idea of what to ask for, and if possible, some hope...


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I am so very sorry to hear your news, but please do not despair!
There are so many chemos left.
Somebody will be here shortly with answers.
Hugs to you!!!

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~
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