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Does Pinkstock have a facebook page? It would be so nice to have pictures from the last 2 years. Some of our angels are in those pictures.
Maybe an album would be in order for those we have lost.I have a few pictures myself.
I miss AlaskaDeb....


Look for me on FB under Mary Lou Swart Repass

I made it over the mountain! take a peek!

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ML sorry no facebook, lots of Pictures at
OK here is the stuff... more or less Friday July 31, 2009 -  Sunday August 2, 2009

Please print and mail ...information form....

PINKSTOCK will be located in the Town of Ischua, N.Y.
At Mary Beth's house on Steward Rd
email me at

This will be a weekend of just plain fun...,You can take a trip to the Casino in Salamanca, or for those that need to Saturday relaxing, crocheting and visiting. Sunday  well some must leave so this will be a day of goodbyes.. we do have  an auction and you can bring stuff if you want… a basket exchange too- just make sure they are packable, or I’ll mail them home for the flyers…. In 07 most brought little goodie bags from their area to share.. anyway..happy planning

Bring your tents, campers, chairs, and your significant other if you want...I have a hot tub, and may set up the sprinkler in case it gets hot so swim suits should be packed    oh yeah and a bouncy house for the little ones

I have 5 acres and a large barn just in case..I have lined up few campers to share for those that need, and can get tents for the braver of souls, we have a few air mattresses...a porta potty, with sink will be on site to alleviate the line at my house, I do have showers and inside plumbing….

The menu is well, camping fair BBQ chicken, burgers, hot dogs, Salads: taco, potato, macaroni, fresh fruit, maybe some meatballs and rigatoni ,.. pancakes, eggs, and what ever anyone else can think of all ideas greatly appreciated and needed

Ok now for the registration stuff.
I need to know how many are coming..
#_________ adults
#________ children ____ages
Arrival Date.__________________
Departure Date_______________
Special needs________________________
Do you need a tent, or a camper space or do you want to try borrow one?_________________________
Are you staying at a hotel?________ , if so which one so I can give directions

Please if you can, any help with financing it would be appreciated, last year most sent $75 per attendee, this helps with the food and supplies .. thank you what ever is left over we will donate

The evenings can be cool and we have a nice breeze,  .mosquito's so bring your favorite stuff..some time we have them sometimes we don't  .I will email you back my addy and phone #...

general directions

WARNINGS...don't SPEED thru State police will get you

AND DO NOT USE GPS OR GOOGLE TO FIND MY HOUSE...use the below directions...  Another NOTE.. there are MANY dead spots with No Cell signal, so make sure your directions don’t fly out the window…

from the north(Buffalo)....190 to route 400 south, which ends and  then turns into Route 16 south, which takes you into HINSDALE...go under the expressway(route 86) and take the first Right onto Gile Hollow...Turn left onto Maple Hill Rd…(up a hill)  then look for  the signs...

(Binghamton) east ...Route 86 to the Hinsdale Exit...left onto Route 16...first right onto Gile Hollow follow the pink ribbons

(Erie, Pa.)west...Route 86 to Allegany Exit...follow the signs to the Allegany Limestone School (and the pink ribbons)turn onto the the Five Mile not turn off.(+\-13 miles) to the top of the hill...(mountain)...turn left onto Steward Rd...second house on left....

South (Pa)....inside joke...(you can't get here from there)...anyway somehow get to Route 86...then follow either east or west directions....why is there no easy way thru Pa...?

hugs if you need more info PM and I'll give you my phone#

__________________ free on the hill

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purple - i am so missing going to pinkstock and dh and i will keep your addy handy in case we do get to NY ... but i wanted to thank you for the fond memories of Pinkstock 2007 !!

5 years !!!!!!! and counting
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