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You all know that movie Peggy Sue Got Married with Kathleen Turner and Nick Cage? She is at her 25 high school reunion and has some kind of cardiac thing happen to her and she is transported back in time to her senior year in high school. There she is, back in the 60s, back in her old room in her parent's house, her whole life ahead of her to either re-live exactly like she already did, or to change it.

Let's say the same thing happened to you. You go to get a scan in an MRI and somehow it changes the time warp.... and you had a chance to do things over again.

WHAT would you do??




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Gosh..what a great thing that would be to go back knowing what you do today...hmmm that would take alot of thought..

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Hmmmm   I'll have to really think on this one. 

"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!" - Maya Angelou

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Oh, I’ll play this game…..


I would take much better care of this body.  I would find a sport or physical activity that I could learn and enjoy.  I had such big boobs that it was embarrassing to run…I thought everyone would look at me, so I avoided PE.  I would change that.


I would do many things the same, but I would have MRI’s, mamo’s, ultrasounds…you name it, I’d have it from about 20 years old.  I think I would have to think very seriously about a prophylactic bilat mast, but I would leave my nodes alone…I hate lymphedema! 

So much of the rest of life, even the bad parts, I would leave the same.  I have such a wonderful family that I would be afraid that if I changed things I would not end up with John and the girls, and THAT would be worse than cancer ever has been.


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I would tell my step-dad how much he meant to me.  I didn't realize the impact he had on my life until he was gone. 

I would never start smoking!  It is hell to quit!  But I've done it twice. 

I would have a higher self esteem than I did in high school. 
I wouldn't have gotten married 3 days after graduation. 

I would have gone to college and got my degree that I've always dreamed of.

I wouldn't change having my son.  He is the light of my life. 

I know I'll think of more once I go to bed. 

"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!" - Maya Angelou

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These are really interesting.
Keep em coming!

I know I would have been a bit more outgoing and had more confidence.

How I would love to see my family's old house again and to be able to go to my old room! The people who bought the house tore it down. It was a beautiful classic colonial, but they wanted an ultra modern yucky looking place so they took a wrecking ball to it. Just about broke the hearts of my bother and my sister and me.
One thing that also comes to mind is, I remember them having "computer class" and me making fun of it and saying, 'WHO would want to take COMPUTER CLASS????"
LOL! The joke is on me!

I would have spent more time with my grandmothers.

I would have  accepted invitations to dates from the boys I wouldn't go out with  and I would have said NO! to invitations to dates with the boys I DID go out with!

I also would have had children with someone when I was still young, before cancer took that option away from me.

I am sure I will think of more!



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I would have paid attention to my Mother.

I would have taken the High road instead of the Low road.

I would have stayed in College.

I would have never kissed my first bad boy.

I would have stayed home from work the day I had my car accident.

I would have been responsible at a young age and kept my new Mustang.

I would have NEVER lit that first cigarette.

I would have gone steady with Steven Doyle my freshman year.

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I would have:

laughed more and cried much less when my feelings were hurt(esp over such
trivial junk/personal comments)

forgotten the low self-esteem route and considered the source 

told micromanagers to MYOB and take a long walk off a short pier

really pushed to take baton lessons when I was eight to be a
Marching Ballerina at JSU and wear the boots/the red and white outfits
(hallucinating here..sounds good,though!)  Go,Gamecocks!!! And to you,
Zenobia King Hill...may your winding staircase be remembered

dropped piano lessons after five days instead of five years

followed the dermatologist's advice in 1960 instead of my own;hate
he was right-PIA!

learned to overcome my shyness and not be so ill at ease in crowds;
control my temper and not sweat the minute stuff

appreciated my own company much earlier;enjoyed every season instead of counting the days until specific dates

told off some teachers like the driver's ed/PE coach who intimidated
us with that idiotic clutch in the oldest Plymouth on this planet!

assisted some of my high schl teachers with social skills as some were
living in the Twilight Zone and searching for a planet to call home
concentrated on Algebra and Geometry in high school instead of
Peyton Place episodes and Bewitched!

gone on to pursue being on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire or Jeopardy!

gone to the University of Alabama...Roll Tide

argued a whole lot less with my father to prove I was right

appreciated the differences in people instead of trying to mold them into what the higher powers wanted for performance scores/AYP/LNCB...PIA

learned much earlier to speak softly and carry a big stick and cc:
on the computer e-mails to the bosses

actively listened and tuned-out the bureaucratic nonsense

been more proud of my Southern steel magnolias accent and heritage;at a much earlier age

less of a pleaser and more abt the moment....planning,planning,

ditched the many diets,diet foods and diet plans for the last twenty yrs and
ate normal foods like ice cream and moderation not whole
cartons at  a setting,though....

No  big regrets... I am like Dr. Phil on looking did the best you knew how at that time,now that you know better,do better....say that over and over in front of the Breyer's and Edy's...finally, I am in re-hab from Ben and Jerry's!


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This is fun and enjoyed reading what all of you have written.

First one is tough cause I will say I would not have ever married a man but I wouldnt have the son that I have now and I wouldnt change that part.

I would have been more outgoing and not been so shy.

I also would have gone to the University of Alabama-roll tide!

I would have accepted the baseketball scholarship and been me instead of trying to be something I wasnt.

I would have asked my dad more questions because there are things I need to know from him and its too late.

This is tough.  There are things I would change for sure but I love my life now and if I had made those changes would I be who I am today, without the cancer of course!



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Hmmmm lets see. What would I change if I could go back to 17?

I would quit smoking. Can't say never start cause I started at 14. How sad is that.

I would pay attention in the classes I went to and go to the classes I didn't. Can we say I wasn't the best student.

I would not waste my time partying.

I would not be so afraid of not fitting in.

I would not have had that incident with Howard Kerr just cause he was the most popular guy in school and EVERY girl wanted to go out with him.
I would have realized what an ass he was before I said yes.
To this day I pray he is bald and fat.

Learned to play the piano and not given up the violin.

Spent less time at the beach baking my skin into old age.

I would have gone on to college....but then again if I had done that I would probably not have packed up and moved to California at 18, not met my dear husband, not had my darling children, and so on.

Hmmm this is harder than I thought it would be. All things considered I've had a very good life. Of course it's had it's ups and downs but that would not have changed even if I could go back.


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Boy I can relate Cheri, I would have married Sam and stayed away from the bad boys and the drugs.  My life would have been very different.  Just staying away from drugs would have made a huge difference.  oh well.


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I would have gone on to college and become a doctor.

I never would have smoked.

I would have drank less (or maybe not).

I wouldn't have been so shy.

I wish I had met my husband later in life.  We were 14 and he was my bad boy, LOL!  Still would have married him!

I would have been better to my mom.  She has passed away and now there are times when I really need her.

I ate right, worked out, breastfed my kids, did everything right and I still got cancer.  Nothing there that I would have changed.

This is a good thread.  Things that make you go, hummmmmmmmmm.

I'm Still Here!!!

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I would have allowed myself to be more outgoing and not so afraid of what everyone thought.
I would have majored in Math, even though it looked like a lot of work.
I would have gone to the college I wanted.
I was a goody-goody when I was a teen ager and I wouldn't want to change that, but I wish I hadn't been so afraid to let myself out of my shell.

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