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Does any one know anything about this new drug? My son just informed me of it, and it's use in fighting TNBC. I Googled it immediately and he's correct,  it's a new drug for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer.
Has anyone here used it?

Dx 6/07 IDC, 5cm, Stage 3b, Grade 3 TNBC, Lump 6/07, Chemo-TC , Mast /rec 9/07, Chemo 10/07, 2 surgery 4 infections 11/07 12/07, Exchange 3/08, surgery (repair elbow damaged in mast) 5/08, Wrong implants, 2nd Exchange 10/08, Nipples and areolas grafted, PET/CT 5/09 lesions on thyroid, kidney, sinus, mastoid, "activities" in spine and hip, #small strokes. 3rd "Re-do" 8/09, Spinal nerves severed (pain) 9/09

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I'm sure that Edge can give you more information about it but I believe it is in Phase II clinical trials.  Shows a lot of promise, I think.  The animal studies were (almost) uniformly positive.
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