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Just got back home.  I was supposed to have my 4th chemo treatment today.   Met with my oncologist and we talked about the side effects that I have had since the last treatment (alot of diarrhea, stomach cramps, chills one day).   He said that he feels like I should go to a 3 week treatment for this time.   I said NO!!!!!   He was going to go ahead and do the treatment today and then make the next one out 3 weeks.   He said he thinks my body needs a break.   I said NO!!!!!!   He went back to get me set up but I guess the more he thought about it....he changed his mind.   He came back out and got me and we talked again......he said he did not want me to have the treatment today.   Instead, he scheduled me for next Monday.    I said NO!!!!!   In the end......big surprise here......he won!!!    He said it is just too dangerous right now and he would not budge.   So, I guess I am on hiatus from treatments until next Monday.   He said he did not want me to end up in the hospital.   Got to agree with him on that one.   BUMMER.  

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Carolyn, your onc did the right thing. I know you want this overwith but trust me, you could wind up with serious complications.

I had really bad stomach issues on Xeloda, esp with the diarreah. If you don't give yourself a chance to heal the digestive system, you could develop rather serious GI probs that would delay chemo for weeks or months.

My onc made me take a week off here and there just so I could heal. It made my chemo last longer, but I didn't wind up with permanent damage either.

Go on the BRAT diet and let yourself heal and get better. I know it sucks- but there is a you in there too that needs to be taken care of too!!

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I agree... Although you want to "just do it" your body has to heal. I have had the unpleasant expereince of my body not healing and did have 5 days of hydration of other meds. No fun at all!
Just relax amd enjoy the time off!

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I hope you get stronger in those days off. Sending good vibes your way.

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Dear Carolyn,

It hurts...cancer hurts more. 

I was exactly like you.  NO, NO, NO.   I did my research.  It all sucked.
The Oncologist sent me to the Clinic's Psych Witch.  She made me feel like
an escaped psycho-maniac from a state prison ward.  She talked about her mother, a 20 year survivor, but her hard-ass attitude was anything but kind, sincere or professional.  The experience was unpleasant, and she "guilted me" into getting treatment.

I had infections at the time, and visited 4 (four) other Oncologists.  The ultimate conclusion was DIE, or NOT DIE.   My choice. 

I regret not choosing the Oncologist whose heart was in the right place, and  the most experienced and caring of the five.  My second and third choices were not acceptable, according to my surgeon.  I no longer respect the surgeon.  Why didn't I follow the little red flags, waving and whistling, listen to your heart? 

My Oncologist is the brightest of the bright, according to many. He works for an Oncology Clinic, and I detest the place (company corporation, Dead-Inc.).  I love him, but he is forced to follow the hospital guidelines and the greedy clinic rule, directed and owned by a "family money loving bunch of sh-ts".  It's amazing to me, money talks...and if you are listening to your heart, go for second opinion.  Insurance pays for it, and what do you have Io lose?  Go to the best facility, hospital, program available and ask the Oncologist with "fresh insight, their opinion.  It was confusing to discover the various "best" advice and differences between five Oncoloogist's therapies and  ideal treatment for a Triple Negative Disease Subtype; if only I'd known then what I know now, my choice of surgery, chemo, rads, would have been founded in education and knowledge.

Lastly, if possible, ask Gina or Constantine (Edge) for an appropriate, concise,  list of questions (Specifically related to your Breast Cancer, experience with Chemotherapy, your anxieties, pain, and prognosis).  Make two copies, one for you, one for the Onc.  Bring  a tape recorder. Ask the Oncologist if they object recording your session.   If he/she says no...leave. 

Speaking from experience...


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