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I had a double mastectomy 3 weeks ago.  One boob had the cancer (Stage 2c) but I had cancer 10 yrs ago so opted to have both boobs removed and they found pre-cancer in the other boob.  I still have so much puffiness I feel like a blow fish.  I find out next week if I will need to get chemo but I suspect that I will have to have it. I am sure not looking forward to the bald part.  Being flat takes some getting used to but I'm trying.  I used to have giant boobs and got used to people talking to my chest but now they can't even look at me, it's like they are embarrassed for me, like I'm walking around shirtless and don't know better.  I know after a while everyone will get used to me being flat and I just have to be patient but it's hard sometimes. 


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Hi there  MDpete,  Hope you continue to feel better.  I had a prophylactic mast. on other side on 11/5, after having had the left side removed last Dec. and undergoing chemo and rads.  I am flat now, too.  The prostethics (sp?) are pretty good once you are healed and I have even worn the soft forms the hospital has given me and I feel pretty good with those as well.  I know it is not the same, but hope you can find comfort in that you have removed the threat and the cancer.  Best wishes to you.  It is all very had to deal with.  Continue to come and post as there are many wonderful women here to help you cope and get through.  Hugs,  Lee


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Welcome Mdpete,
this is a wonderful support group.
It sure takes a while to get used to a new appearance.

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Hi hon,

Everything to do with this is an adjustment as you know.  There are some wonderful ladies here.  Let us know how you are and if we can help.


"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!" - Maya Angelou

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Lee and Liz are right. Everything is an adjustment. The prosthetics are good these days. I had a double mastectomy 3 years ago and I have adjusted just fine. If you need anything just give a shout!

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Welcome MD....
I am sorry you had to go through this twice.
You do have an adjustment period, but it does get better every day....
Please let us know what your path report says and what the onc says about chemo. We are here for you!




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As all of the ladies have said, everything about this bc saga is an adjustment.  Right now, just try and concentrate on your physical healing.  You will get through all of this.  If you have chemo, you will adjust to the hair loss too. 
 Is it easy, NO, but you can and will handle it in your own way. 
All of the ladies here KNOW what you are going through, and are all supportive.  You can post any questions that you have and rest assured that you will get great information.  Good luck.

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