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i finished chemo nov 4th. met with my thoracic surgeon and breast thoracic surgeon is on holidays to the 27th.i really want him to do my surgery.its been 5 weeks now and my combined surgery(mastectomy/lobectomy) is scheduled for jan 5th.that will be 8 weeks since finishing chemo.
im nervous about cancer this timeline ok?
im trying to look at the good side and to be able to enjoy the christmas holidays with my family but still losing sleep.
any info that can help me relax will be welcome.


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Good morning 2x! 

Obviously, everyone's pathologies are different, but I can share mine with you. Keeping in line with the fact that it seems I always go big in most everything I do, my tumor was almost 6cm.  Because of the location of my tumor (think 11:00) and it's proximity to the chest wall, we did chemo first to attempt to get clear margins. The plan was to determine mastectomy, or lumpectomy, based on the outcome of chemo. 

While all my friends on bc boards had already had their surgery prior to starting chemo, I had the amazing experience of seeing my tumor shrink with each passing day. By the time I was done with tx, I could hardly feel the lump. I had surgery about a month later and all that was left was dead cells / necrosis, leading us to a lumpectomy. 

So, I'm not sure about your scheduling, and I completely understand your wanting this NOW, I CAN tell you that I saw the first hand evidence that tx completely destroyed my cancer. 

Do you see your Dr between now and January? It certainly wouldnt hurt to ask to bump it up a few days, if for peace of mind, if nothing else. But just remember, as nasty as chemo was, IT WORKS!

Sending you hugs. Keep us posted.



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Carynn is right! it works!!
Many docs wont do ANY surgery until a suitable amount of time has passed for your immune system to bounce back. I don't think you should worry about that timeline, you are covered




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just popping in to give you a big cyber hug 2x!!!!!

sending you positive vibes and wishes for a wonderful relaxing holiday!


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