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Thursday marked my sixth anniversary from my first diagnosis.
It marks when I entered Cancerland.
I am so much more at ease this year. I think it is because I am in chemo again and hearing the words "you have cancer, again" finally were said. I had been holding my breath for five years praying never to hear them, but now that I have I feel I can deal with anything.... I think!

I have to give you all an update.

I was not able to get chemo this week still because of the expander swelling/infection or whatever in hell it is. So I start next week.

I also saw my breast surgeon and remember those lumps under my arm from three months ago? Well they are still there and bigger, so he wants me to get a sono again.

I had a consultation at a new LE clinic and I will be starting there five times a week to get this bilateral LE under control.

Other than that- things have been ok.




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NS:  It seems like from the time I started this journey, breast cancer keeps knocking me down on my butt right when I think Im getting stronger and can move on.
I had my chemo postponed by a week a couple of times.  Its disappointing cause you just want to get it over with and you dont want to worry about the beast having any chance to fight back.  But, I think maybe you body needed a rest and in the end - missing one week wont mean much.
If I had lumps and they grew, I would definitely be concerned.  Did the BS give you any indication of what it might me?  Hope you get that test done quickly.
Lymphedema in both arms really (can I say?) sucks the big one?  I hope the physical therapy works for you.
When I hear about what others are struggling to get through - I get humbled, as my problems just dont seem so bad.
Sending lots of love your way.


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Gina, sweet Gina - 6 years since first Dx.  that is a milestone.  I sure wish that you were not journeying a second time around.  LE in both arms - ouch!!  I hope that the PT helps. And the lumps under your arms. Does it never ends.  Chemo #3 starts this week - that must mean the light is at the end of the tunnel for chemo. Gina - you are truly one of the strongest people that I have ever met.  You are always so positive.  You just seem to endure one thing after another with such courage and strength.  You really are amazing.  As Nicki said, my problems pale in comparison.  I sometimes wonder if I whine too much!!!  I guess I forget how much I have to be greatful for.  Its just that I never expected to feel so old at my age!!!  Sending you gentle hugs from Denver.  Thank you for all you do.  Karen

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