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With all the loss and hardships, I am ashamed to write about myself.
But you are the only women I can turn to.

Tim's company still have him hanging in the breeze. They said he would either be laid off or transferred to some place. It is the not knowing that is maddening. If we could learn his fate we could deal with it. But they won't tell us.

I would look for work if I knew he would be laid off and we were staying in our town. TJ is starting to show strain. He is losing interest in his music and I find this a warning sign. He had some emotional problems a while back, but we thought they were behind us.

I am glad I could write about it. I feel better now.
God bless my family here.

Warmly and with affection,

I believe

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Goddess for Life
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Penny, I know how hard this has to be on your family.  What kind of work does Tim do?  My husband works for an airline who is always announcing layoffs so we just keep going day to day.....there is never an opportune time for a layoff, but it's even harder when there are young kids involved.  Ours are out of the house for the most part.

I am one of those who has to be proactive, so if it were me and I had the opportunity to look for work, I would.  It would keep you occupied, bring in additional income, and if he does get transferred, would be understandable why you have to leave.  If he doesn't get transferred but gets laid off, and you already have a job, it would help towards the bills.

Good luck to you.

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Penny, I am sorry you are going through this.
Margo gave the best advice.
Please let us know what happens and how we can help in any way.
hugs to you




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Happy to hear from you, Penny.  It is such a blessing here for me, too - to have a place to just lay it out there, what ever is troubling or confounding me - knowing that out of all of us, someone is 'listening' and will respond thoughtfully with love.  What a gift that is.
Adjusting to the uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis takes a tremendous shift in our thinking.  And now, for you, and many of us -  having to adjust to the same kind of uncertainty with our income and work requires the same kind of letting go, faith, "acting as if", and mental fortitude.  It is no wonder we get worn out sometimes.  I am getting used to the idea that there might be no relief - this may be the way life is going to be - uncertain.  All the more reason to be kind to each other and ourselves, and as Margo poined out - taking action brings relief!  Maybe if you found work that is transferrable - like at a chain that has locations everywhere, or book-keeping.  I have been thinking that book-keepers are the last to get laid off.... 
Your son will take his cues from you - not to put pressure on you, but to give you a reason to show him you have confidence that you can handle things together.  You are the sweetest - Fondly - Mary      

Dear friend, theory is all grey, and the golden tree of life is green. - Goethe

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Penny -  problems big or small are problems and we're here to help as you can see.  I'm sorry that things are so unsettled for your family right now. I know how frustrating and anxiety producing that can be.  I hope the company will make their decisions so you can move forward. Meanwhile - I love the advice Margo gave you ...  taking some action will give you more of a feeling of being in control of the situation. 

"Cancer May Leave Your Body, but It Never Leaves Your Life" - Lance Armstrong Foundation Manifesto.

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Penny, the unknown for me is always the most difficult part..once I know the answer can begin to figure out what to do.
i agree with Margo..looking for a job might be the best thing for the moment...if you stay put, you have a job...if you move then you have to resign.  Our kids to read us like a youngest DD who will be 11 next month always knows when something isn't right...I know it is hard to hide feelings, but even for our kids the unknown is hard, they start to imagine things that are not the reality of what is going on...I don't remember how old our son is, but maybe talk to him..just enough that he can be at ease..only share what he can handle...
We are here to listen, share and support each other..problems big and small...and when it is yours it feels big to you...((((HUGS))) Karen
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