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Hi Edge,
Thanks so much for all the information on supplements and the great vitacost website. I read your CAM regimen and want to make sure I interpreted it correctly. Here is a list I made from the supplement info you gave me.

Curcurmin-500mg daily
Green Tea Extract - 500 mg daily
Vit D3 with cholcaciferol -2000 IUS daily
Boswellic Acids- 1 tablet daily
Resveratrol 100mg daily

I do have a question about the calcium, is the Coral Calcium Powder good to take, it can be mixed with water a drank throughout the day. They have it on Also, I would like to add the Carlson super omega fish oil to my regime, what do you think? Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. And thanks for giving me hope in my triple negative diagnoses,over 4 1/2 years ago and still ned. I am really trying to be strong and move forward with this. We all need to hear positive things, it gives us hope.


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Glad to help.


Assuming a non-elevated risk context, AND suitable standardization as prescribed, the summary of supplements  you provided is close, with the following adjustments.  

  1. Curcuminoids are 500mg / daily only for elevated risk contexts, and I consider TNBC, IBC, and MBC intrinsically elevated, in which at least 1500 - 2000 mg / daily may be more prudent.  
  2. As to Vitamin D3, I advocate supplementation for anti-tumor benefit stabilization of serum levels testing to at least 50 ng/ml [or (equivalently  125 nmol/L), but in the absence of test-based targeting and monitoring, then 2000 IU/daily for bone health only, but at least 3000 - 4000 IUs daily for antitumor benefit.  
  3. As to boswellic acids, either 2 capsules daily would be required with the Source Naturals product, and 3 capsules daily with the NSI product noted in the Edge-CAM Regimen. 

With respect to coral calcium in any form, it should be avoided.  Coral calcium has calcium content in the range of 24% to 38%, and in addition is composed primarily of calcium carbonate, often hyped misleadingly as "aragonite" or "calcite". And despite the mythology of the “coral story” the calcium is bound in the form of an inorganic salt exactly like mined land sources of calcium in the form of  limestone and dolomite.  While it is often claimed that coral calcium contains "montmorillonite", described fancifully as a natural clay from volcanic ash, but it is simply colloidal aluminum silicate, and there may be other impurities in coral calcium products.  Best bypassed.  But adding Omega-3 is fine, and the Carlson label passed quality assurance testing.


Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

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