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What do you know about the product Mona Vie?

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Mona Vie, which is high in the Amazonian Palm berry acai, is the latest in heavily marketed and hyped high antioxidant drink (following equally flim-flammery of Mangosteen and Noni Juice), this one trading on a very high antioxidant score (called ORAC). However, my research was found that ORAC scores are little more than marketing hype, because (1) no industry standard for measuring the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) exists to date, (2) growing conditions, cooking or freezing can yield different ORAC values, and (3) highly variable absorption and metabolism processes can effectively nullify an ORAC score, rendering a high ORAC score of little significance, even according to Dr. Ron Prior who himself helped to develop the procedure for the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center over a decade ago, and who noted that "We're finding some of these compounds are metabolized extensively or not absorbed effectively and so not much gets into the blood or absorbed into the tissue" and he advises avoiding "single-sourcing"; "So, in striving to meet the USDA's recommended level of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units daily, people probably need to consume a variety of types of antioxidants".

Furthermore, there is minimal science behind any health benefit to acai except some isolated in vitro cell studies, but no in vivo, and no animal or human clinical studies, and without these there is absolutely no compelling evidence of a health benefits in any disease or condition.

In addition, I would add that clinical benefit appears to be unconnected to high antioxidant activity (or ORAC score for that matter), even if ORAC scores actually meant anything (they don't): my own reviews suggest that two of the most beneficial antioxidants in various types of human carcinoma, especially breast cancer but also ovarian, among many other epithelial cancers, are the standardized EGCG component of green tea and the standardized curcuminoid component of curcumin from the Turmeric spice, both relatively low on the antioxidant scale yet with compelling evidence of benefit even in human clinical studies, and ditto for melatonin with a low antioxidant value. Yet EGCG, curcuminoids and high-dose melatonin are backed by hundreds of rigorous studies past the cell level, while acai is devoid of such evidentiary foundation.

Finally, I would add that only standardized pharmaceutical-grade components with known absorption, metabolism, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics - as established in published and cross-confirmed post-cell studies - assure that you are receiving a dose level known to be efficacious and utilizable, and none of the ingredients of Mona Vie are so standardized.

Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

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