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Hello everyone,
I had a wonderful chat with a reporter this morning about how cancer affects your marriage or committed relationship. She is looking for more women to interview. Here is her info:

I'm a writer at O, the Oprah Magazine, and I'm writing a piece on the unique stressors that cancer and other serious illnesses place on a marriage or committed relationship. The story will be pegged to a recent study in the Journal Cancer that suggested a woman facing a serious diagnosis is much more likely to experience a divorce than a man facing a similar diagnosis (21% versus 3%). I'm hoping to discuss in my piece some of the reasons this may or may not be true. To that end, I'm looking to speak to a few women who have seen their marriages or committed relationships end sometime in the aftermath of their diagnoses, and a few whose relationships have only gotten stronger through the experience. I understand that in many cases, cancer is but one factor, but I'm interested in your stories, your reflections, and any advice you have to other women. I can be reached at anytime this week if you would be willing to chat, and I'm happy to keep names private.
All the best,



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