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 My sister deese was dx'd in June of 05 and started chemo in July. Deese was very sick during treatment and I was the googler and researcher. I forged wonderful friendships
with 2 groups of ladies the Junesters and the July ladies.
I received news from TimTam this morning that one of our
July ladies Loretta, needs our prayers. The cancer is back with mets . Please help me lift our sister in prayer. She will be starting Zometa right away.

The Light of God surrounds you,
The Love of God enfolds you,
The Power of God protects you,
The Presence of God watches over you,
And, wherever you are, God is.

courage does not always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying.. i will try again tomorrow.
~maryanne radmacher

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Awwww....I hate cancer!!!

Prayers and my heart go out to Loretta. May He wrap her with his love and empower her body to heal!!!

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~

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I am sorry to hear about your friend, Dear Carry.  It is so kind of you to light a candle for her, and for all of us who know and understand the helpless and uneasy feeling we never want to surrender too. 

Prayers for Lorestta, her family, and prayers for a cure for this horrible illness.  It takes too many who are young, vital, and at the peak of life. 
It saddens me to read of someone else being eaten by Breast Cancer. 

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