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OK- heeeeeere we go again! Another new year, another new chance to lose those lbs.

A few things I have learned recently:
1. don't starve yourself- especially if you are in chemo-or-menopause. Our metabolism is already slowed down, and when we skip meals, nature takes over and slows it down even more. eat small meals a few times a day: caveat- emphasis on SMALL. Here are some examples from Fitness Magazine:

Think you can't snack when you're trying to lose weight? Think again. These healthy, low-calorie snacks will satisfy your diet cravings and help you reach your weight-loss goals. For many women, dieting equals food restriction. Snacks? They usually get eliminated in the name of saving calories. But snacking when you're watching your weight is actually a good idea. "When dieting, people often wait too long in between meals, so by the time they eat, they're so hungry, their portions or choices are out of control," says Linda McLachlan, RD, CDN, a New Jersey dietitian with Nutrition Matters, LLC. "Snacking helps keep you satisfied and wards off cravings." Here, seven low-calorie snacks to help you with your diet goals:

Apple Slices with Lowfat Cheese

Packed with fiber, water, and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are great choices for diet-friendly snacking. A sliced apple with a lowfat cheese wedge, like Laughing Cow Light. "Having a little extra fat is good in a snack because it sustains you longer," says McLachlan. ( I also recommend Weight Watchers Cream Cheese-g)


Recommended serving size: 1 medium apple with 1 Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge
Calories: about 105

Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter

Feeling in the mood for cookies? While one standard Oreo or Chips Ahoy won't likely derail your diet, it's tough to stop at one. That's where a good substitute comes in. McLachlan recommends 2 graham cracker squares spread with light peanut butter. You'll get a mix of sweet and salty flavors, plus a protein and fat boost from the peanut butter, which will keep you full till your next meal.


Recommended serving size: 2 graham cracker squares with 1 tablespoon light peanut butter
Calories: 155

Tomato Soup with Baby Carrots

A mini-meal snack is a good idea when dinner is a long way off. The combo of tomato soup and baby carrots is not just filling; it also gives you lots of body-healthy nutrients, like potassium, cancer-fighting lycopene, and beta-carotene. Try a microwavable soup cup that you can stash in your car's cup holder. (Concerned about sodium? Pour about a quarter of the soup down the drain and dilute the rest with water, says McLachlan.)


Recommended serving size: 1 Campbell's Soup at Hand Tomato Soup and 1 cup baby carrots
Calories: 190

Frozen Tamale Pie

Believe it or not, a calorie-controlled frozen meal can be a great afternoon snack! Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie, for example, is chock-full of great carbs (in the form of beans and polenta) to give you energy; protein, to keep you satisfied; and veggies, to contribute antioxidants and vitamins. What's more, it's low-fat and filling!


Recommended serving size: 1 Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie
Calories: 150

Egg Salad

If you need your snack to have real staying power, go for a combo of good protein and a little bit of fat. A homemade egg salad is a great choice. Chop up one whole egg and one egg white, then mix with a tablespoon of reduced fat mayonnaise. The high-quality protein in the eggs will fuel your body for hours, while the fat helps slow digestion, so you'll feel full and energized longer.


Recommended serving size: 1 whole egg and one white plus 1 tablespoon reduced-fat mayonnaise
Calories: 145

Canned Mandarin Oranges with Light Whipped Topping

For a sweet fix, try mixing mandarin oranges canned in their own juice with a couple tablespoons of light whipped topping. The oranges give a great hit of vitamin C and other antioxidants, and the light whipped topping gives the snack an indulgent feel (a feeling you often miss when you're watching what you eat). "This is a good substitute for ice cream when you're dieting," adds McLachlan.


Recommended serving size: 1/2 cup canned mandarin oranges with 2 tablespoons light whipped topping
Calories: 50"

(I don't know about the frozen tamale pie- but maybe there is a Lean Cuisine that you can substitute.)

EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE! What goes in must be expelled OUT. Walk, dance, jump rope, ride, do anything... but just try to MOVE at least 30 minutes a day.

WEIGHT LIFTING- did you know if you life weights your body burns calories for the rest of the day as the muscles try to repair themselves???? You don't have to be muscle man- but light repetitions all add up.




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As this year nears its last quarter how did you do getting into shape?
As for me, I didn't do very well in the diet department until the summer hit.
Once the estrogen is turned off, it is ten times harder to lose weight. Without it, I find that we get bigger in places we never were before.
Let's see what we can do together to get through the upcoming fall/holiday season- what do you think?



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