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Hi Everybody!
Thank you for your continued patience with me as we improve our site and forum.
As you know, the message forum is now available directly on the main site. It is very easy to read there, however, some may have found it hard to post, because it asks you to keep logging on. If this happens to you, just click the section on the main page that says,
Trouble Accessing Forum? Click here!
This will lead you to the direct URL of the forum which is
Some day, we will be able to have this all integrated... hopefully soon!




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Hi Gina - I know there are an infinite number of things to get coordinated with a site change.  You are doing a great job of keeping us "in the kitchen."  It is kind of like the hostess fretting about the consistency of the soup while the guests are gathering - all they care about is interacting with each other, and enjoying the camaraderie that someone else has gone to the trouble to create for them.
Today I followed your advice to link to the new forum, and was gratified to see the forum panel now spread across the page, instead of just in the little panel I had to scroll horizontally.  Big improvement over the transition zone I was in. 
This is just some feed back to guide the process -throw it in the recycle bin if it makes you crazy:  my avatar disappeared during the change, and I added another.  The old was still there, just not showing for some reason.  Maybe this happened to others - no big deal, just re-load.       Mary  - PS - Discovered the smiling option today - very fun! 

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