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We all have our insurance nightmares to talk about . Here is just one of mine.

My insurance company approved the STAGED procedure of reconstruction by my plastic surgeon. It is staged meaning first there is the initial surgery of the bilateral where he then implants the AlloDerm and the tissue expanders. Next, after tx, he does the exchange surgery from expander to implant and third revision to the appearance of the new breast with the nipples and areola.

I had a tissue expander rupture this summer.  My insurance company informed me that they made a "mistake" and they should not have approved my doctor in the first place. As a result, they will not permit me to use him. If I do use him they will not pay for any hospital charges incurred.

They then told me that the rest of my reconstruction, the most important part of it, must be done by the one doctor they will permit me to use: A plastic surgeon who specializes in Cleft Palate repair in children.

I have taken it to every review board, the Attorney General's office the ACS and as high as I can go and they are winning.

I pay this company $750 a month.




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Hey Gina

These insurance companies S U C K! Take it to Tappy...she seems to always get good results...specially now that it's "pink" month...just a thought. Good Luck...hope this works out for you.

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