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One of the best sources of information I have found for CAM is the Life Expectancy Foundation. These folks are dedicated to the idea that people could live MUCH longer if we only ate and lived more wisely. They are also one of the very few groups that actively conducts research in alternative medicine. They publish a very informative monthly magazine, and sell very high quality vitamins and supplements. This is not the cheapest place on the planet to buy supplements, but it is among the best.

I discovered this site in early 2006. I was recovering from a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and I was pretty well confined to a chair--no driving, no lifting anything heavier than 5#. I had plenty of time for surfing and reading. The most informative part of the LEF website is the Health Concerns list. Almost every ailment known to man is listed and remedies are discussed in a sane, rational way. LEF is not opposed to mainstream medicine. They just believe that supplements can enhance or replace it in almost all cases.

There are several Health Concerns articles about cancer and cancer treatment in general that are very informative.  The article for breast cancer is 40+ pages long. I printed it out, scribbled in the margins, and took it to every doctor's appointment. The first doctor was quite uncomfortable with a patient as informed as I was. And so, I fired that onc and moved on until I found someone who was happy to treat an intelligent patient.

If you have not found this website, I recommend that you visit it when you have time. It will be worth your while.

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Thank you Fancy.
I love LEF
I have a friend who has mets now for over nine years and has been following the LEF protocol and has been stable the whole time!



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