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I just got my DEXA results, I opened the report.
I lost a little more since last years 9.1 % in the lumbar, but I think the extra vit. d is helping....
This time it is only 2.4 % decrease in the lumbar and a T-score of 1.9 (last years loss was 9 %)

Hips (I guess I am "right footed" lol using my right more when jogging on a trail?
left T -2.1 down 3 %  from - 1.9 (last years loss was around 4%)
right  T -1.8 lost 3.2 % (last years loss was 4.4% from 2006)

no osteroporosis but eventually despite the calcium and extra d.

Biphosphanates are suppose to be real good and possibly prevent mets to the bone.

I am considering Fosamax at the moment, onc next week
(unless I have mets per PET (which I cannot open due to fear) ) then it would be Zometa.
Should I get a test for Vit. D?
My calcium was mostly 10.4 until last time, it was 10. I thought my body absorbs calcium better due to D, which apparently is the case.

Thank you very much for any help and insight with this

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~
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