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Hi Edge,
I ordered two bottles of Calquick. I love the Vitacost site it is so organized and has great prices. I am wondering how much I should take?
I also take:
Actonel-two days a month (in a row), this will be my second month.

NSI Vitamin D- 4,000IU one day, 8,000IU the next day(alternating) I am trying to get my levels up from 38.

Cal-Quick daily- How much? I don't want to overload on all this. I am 55yrs and postmenopausal with osteopenia.
Thanks so much for all your help.

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Glad to help.


The total daily calcium intake should not exceed 1500mg from all sources (calcium can be problematic at levels of intake above 1500mg, and the evidence supports only that threshold, not higher), dietary and supplementation, and since many people can approximate some 300mg daily from the diet (as well as from multivitamins), the rough rule of thumb is supplementation of about 1200mg/daily.  That would translated to 2 and one half teaspoons of Cal-Quick daily.  


Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

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