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How are holding up with Ferne and Lori?
It's hard to stay strong when all around you is sadness. I hope that you are feeding off Ferne's strength and she is feeding off yours!


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Well, let me tell you about Ferne. She is the kind of person who made sure she blessed us with her steadfast faith and inner peace before things got worse.

I have never known anyone like her. She never got mad or really complained about her situation... she was more worried about how everyone else was doing and handling things.

I know she wants me to be strong right now and she would be very upset if I fell apart, so for her, I am standing strong.

Lori, her room mate, is a blessing like no other. I thank God for her. I can't describe what she is going through and all that she is enduring. I want to be strong for her and be someone she can turn to when she needs to let her strong front down.

As for my friend, Ferne, she does not have long now. Lori held the phone to Ferne's ear so I could talk to her. Ferne heard me and recognized my voice and what I was saying, but I won't hear her sweet voice ever again and that breaks my heart. She has the sweetest voice you ever heard.

This is a very sacred and holy time of the year and I know that God is near Ferne now and there will be peace when he takes her home.

My life has been made better because she was my friend.

I will say I am ok because that is what she wants.

Thanks for being here, it means so much.




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I know the courage it took you to write your loving words about your dear friend. You have be blessed to have such a wonderful freiendship. Cherish it in your heart!

Happy Easter! And don't eat too much chocolate!!
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