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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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Dear Mr. Fluffy,
You are a handsome Cat-man.  Judging by those green/yellow eyes, with a ember of crimson glowing, smouldering....I agree with what you are sticking out your tounge...where have all the brilliant writers gone? Why is no one posting? 
I tried it on another site, and I keep embarrassing myself.  You, sir casual cat, so cool, so denonaire so suave, and don't bite me, but what is the secet to being a "cool cat?".
A Purrified Feline Pen Pal,
Indi, Chessie, Tiethia, Sir Dorian Gray (Conan), Snowflake, and a bunch of little white mice, some Hissing Cockroaches, and a Giant Pomeranian Chow-Chow Coyote Collie Mix.  GPCCCMWLC.  Who loves Cats.
The vicous giant Pomeranian was raised by Cats, Felines, Pink Panthers, who were never de-clawed, and they trained he to behave, never eat their kitty food, and to keep her licks to herself. 
I though for sure when we adopted new wildcates, she would attack them, but she was well trained, by her Feline Crew of Wild Farm Cats, where I found her as a beaten, staved, frozen little puppy left lock is a wooden box to die.  I saved her, and I fed he Feline Friends, until they disappeared.  The place I found her was demolished, and the kitties are hopefully living somewhere, on another farm, with kind folk and kindred spirits.
Sleep Tight Mr Fluffy.  Sorry, my computere is suffering from sticky keys...and this humidity makes them unstickable...kind of like good friends.
Now, no, Mr. Fluffy, you don't want to eat the poor little Dorian Gray, he such a sad little boy, skinny, homeless and he has a herram of three female kitty visions, all lanquid, gorgeous, but "fixed", which he shall so also be soon, because he has taken to dispersing his urine where ever it must be said, He is King. 
If you came to visit, one bite (Dorian Gray),  he's still a little cutie boy.  He was sick when we found him, and I don't thin he will get very big.    You look like a LION,
and I'm not lie'in(g). 
Meeeyow, you, yow, yow, purrrrrrfect, Uncle Fluffy....tee hheee...
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