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Goddess Forever
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Hi Edge,

I had decided to limit my CoQ10 to 100 mg Qd based on a study where high doses were actually contraindicated.  Now I can't find the citation and an MD friend is pressing me to take 300 mg Qd.  Of course, it is up to me! But, I'd love to be able to show him the study.  Does that ring a bell for you?

Chief of Research
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I have not encountered any robust and compelling  data to that  effect, and even the ultra-conservative Cochrane Reviews have concluded as unproblematic CoQ10 consumption in the upper ranges of 300+ daily(even through to 600 and above), and if there is a dose-efficacy threshold at some point beyond which further consumption may be counter  to intended benefit, I am unaware  of it.

Constantine Kaniklidis

Breast Cancer Watch

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