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I think that is what they are called- they are the black birds that have shades of blue and purple in their black wings...

Last year they ate all the cone flower heads
this morning, I caught them eating my newly budded straw flowers-
they pull the petals right out and kill the flower.

Here is a picture of one of them:

I sent Fluff to stand guard but he fell asleep and they came back again.

Anyone have to deal with these birds before?

Oh- they are also eating my strawberries before I get to them. I have only had ONE strawberry this year and they have had at least a pint.




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Stand out in the yard with a straw hat on and wave your arms around Gina. Or better yet banish Fluffman to the yard until they are all gone LOL. Sorry I have no clue.


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Gina - I must be blind because I can't see the birds!!!  Karen


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My observation with insects and birds has been that they are either hungry, thirsty, or both.  Perhaps if you give them a water supply, some food, like thistle, birdseed, and sweet berries, they will eat the desired food, and leave the flowers alone. 
Also, I used to make a mixture of Hot Sauce, Dishwashering Soap, Tobacco Juice, and Tobasco, along with any repulsive Hot sausey thing I could think of, Red Pepper flakes, mixed with vinegar, water and spray the area, as the plants didn't long as it was well mixed with water.  Worked every time, unless I neglected to spray a couple of times a weeks.  Also, salt, a  border around the plants in a protective hanging foil pan, with a little bird seed mixture, makes them gag...yuck, who wants to eat this plant, anyway?  Another way to keep away the birds is to plant marigold and nasturtium as well as plants they find bitter and repulsive to their birdy sweet pallet.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  Look at the flowers they are not munching on, and add this plant to the spray.  Grind it up in a blender, and the insects, which are likely what the birds are after, will disappear, as will the the birds.  There is probably an insect attrative to the bird, who is chomping away.

Remember, my problem with the sneaky Earwigs....they are all of my flowers, and it took years for me to discover they were the sneaky little culprits...they are lovely little creatures, who look like lobsters.  They raise families, and keep a watch out for their eggs.  It is said the Earwigs mate for life, and raise their families with love and devotion.  Personally, I went insane for years until I figured out they eat Aphids and other harmful insects.  The salt, the hot sauce spray and a careful selecton of eggless (earwigs) soil did the trick.  I finally figured out how to control the little munchkins when I was dx with breast cancer.  After that, I said to myself, go ahead, eat the garden.  They disaapeared, and haven't returned.  I could not kill any of them, it was more paintful to me to even step on an earwig.  They scream, roll, cry, and don't die easily.  So, a natural anti insect spray, worked, and they don't like it here anymore. 
just a few suggestions; i doubt if the grackles are eating the flowers, however.  They are likely eating the little insects, and who knows, they may be too small to see, or leave when the sun comes out.  Birds generally like seeds, insects and water.  You might look up what Grackles eat...i will, but my books and resources are packed away for the moment.  i will try on google, or national geographicl...
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