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Help Get Medicaid Coverage for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients

Kay Mobley is a TNBC survivor.  She discovered, the hard way, that Medicaid does not consider follow-ups, oncology appointments and scans "treatment" whereas they consider receiving endocrine therapy and the doctor appointments that requires as treatment and they cover it.

She didn't take it lying down and has a bill that is scheduled to be heard in her state legislature. However, now they are telling her that the bill may not be read, which means, uninsured women with triple negative breast cancer cannot get coverage to see their oncologists after their chemotherapy ends.

You can help- no matter where you live.

Call and leave the following message:

MY NAME IS ____________ CALLING FROM  CITY, STATE.   I am a member of a breast cancer support group along with Kay Mobley.  I am requesting that Senate Bill SB0279 be called and heard in committee.  This is Medicaid coverage for Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a life threatening illness.

The number to call is 317-232-9489.



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