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Tom Batiuk writes and illustrates the cartoon strip "Funky Winkerbean".
The main character, Funky, has had a story line going for over 2 years in which his friend's wife, Lisa Moore is dx with breast cancer, goes through treatment, and support groups, is misdiagnosed after told she was NED, and the BC comes back with aggressive vengence.  She decides to heck with it, and stops the chemo.

Tom let her go to cartoon heaven today.  Apparantly, he, the author was dx with cancer a few years ago, and must have been acutely aware of the misery this disease brings to so many women.  He waited until Breast Pinky Funky Breast Cancer Awareness month to have her go to hospice, pass away. 

It has been well received by those who enjoy reading the daily comic section; it's a little disturbing because I'd followed it during my 2 years, on and off and now I feel a sad, meloncholy, sinking feeling (etched in my heart) I know it's silly, but why did he have to let her die?  Why couldn't he save her with a miracle cure or something?  Why is it we have to feel sad, even over a cartoon strip?

I don't read them every day (or week, for that matter).  I find this quite disheartening as the truths of breast cancer are openly discussed in a make believe world and not in the real world. 

Thank you Tom...maybe it will open a few eyes.


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i have never read it. Oh my. I don't know how I would feel if I had been a follower of it and she died. But at least he is bringing some REALITY to all the pink.
Good for him.



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I read the last 6 days or so of it online after hearing about it.  I was very saddened by the storyline and Lisa's death also.  It touched me.  But I am grateful for Tom Batiuk bringing out the side of breast cancer nobody else ever wants to talk about.


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I have been following the story line for months and infact have cut out the strip when it has been about Lisa.  It had been clear for quite some time that she was not going to beat this dreaded beast.  I was so sad when it actually happened, but I couldn't cry because of the Effexor.  At first I was annoyed that he was having Lisa die -but then I though maybe it would help get the message out how devastating the disease it, and that it is not some cute disease (I' not sure how to put it in words). But maybe when people realize this, there will be more effects to find a cure.  I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into words, so I hope I am not offending anyone.  There are just too many sisters who are being taken way to young.  Karen

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