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Ferne has had some bad news. She has brain mets.
Let me tell you all about Ferne, she is one of the kindest people I have ever known.
Her spirit is awe inspiring.
She doesn't cuss or get cranky or complain when news hits her like this, she asks how everyone ELSE is instead. She takes things as they come because she trusts in God.
God, she has her trust in you to care for her, make her stable, keep her free from pain, PLEASE HEAR US.
Please protect our Ferne.
Please let the WBRs work.
Please stop the progression.
I love my friend and we pray for your intersession.





Friendship Goddess
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Ferne ------

You know you are in my thoughts and prayers. 

Keep in touch!  Here for you always.


"I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it!" - Maya Angelou

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Keeping you in my heart and prayers.  Praying for God's grace and love to surround you and give you strength.


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Ferne- Storming heaven with prayers for healing, strength and peace. 
Deb C


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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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Ferne, child of songs, deep rivers, and wild, beautiful feather leaves of the forest; my dreams have been conjuring your need for prayers, contemplation and love for life and the joy you inspire.

I came across some very old postcards, with dried ferns, actual plant life specimens;  from a place called the "Collector's Cabinet".  The plants appear as wings from fairies, angels, forest magical creatures; I think I have around 2o or so, all various genus of fernes. 

Today's fern: Lygodium japonicum
In English, Mountain Star Fern

On the reverse side of each zig=zag cut bordered postcard, is a famous quote by a naturalist, spiritualist, philosopher, author, etc.

Today's is:   In the vaunted works of Art
                 The master stroke is Nature's part.

by, Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882

It's so strange that I discovered these old postcards while clearing out my collections of beloved pictures, rocks, letters, and momento's...I decided to make some frames as they are so lovely, like you.  'then Gina posted you are going through an experience which can be helped by love, prayers, and heaven's wings. 

I will try to post a picture, or maybe I'll send them to you.  Every day I will try to post a sentiment from the wing-like ferns, soft, and a plant species unlike  any other.


love to you,


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Thank you everyone for your prayers.

Indi, that's so cool. Thank you.

It's funny; I never particularly liked my name but lots of people tell me it's a pretty name.

My body doesn't seem to be a one tumor kinda body. I was telling g that I'm a "lotsa little lesions" kinda gal. All of my mets have been lots of lesions and nodules spread out all over the place. So these brain mets are the same. The report said numerous lesions in the infra something and supra something and somewhere else. Their is swelling somewhere which is why I'm having the headaches. I've been all loopy and confused, forgetful and off balance, but it's not sure how much is chemo brain and how much is my real brain and these lesions. And the largest one is close to a cm, so they're small and that's good. I think the rads should resolve them all.

Seems my body works in 3 month cycles. 3 months for the chemo to stop working and every 3 months I have new symptoms which prompt a scan and each time the scan says progression. So this time the brain and more lumpy nodes under the good arm are the progression. But the good news is that my skin and liver are stable and my lungs mets have shrunk.

I start rads today and  I'm not supposed drive. My roommate Lori is  going to take me to rads and someone from where I work will pick me up and bring me to work. Then my roommate or co workers will bring me home. I'm glad this is only for 2 weeks. I'm very blessed and thankful to have had such kindness and caring friends in my life. God is looking out for me. I know it no matter what happens.

Oops, I rambling again...
Thank you all again for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Love you all,


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Dear Ferne everytime I have a surgery I take this prayer with me
folded up in the palm of my hand.
The Light of God surrounds me,
The Love of God enfolds me,
The Power of God protects me,
The Presence of God watches over me,
And, wherever I am, God is.

Father God you said that where more than one gather you are there.
Please hear our heart felt prayers for Ferne, we lift her up to you Lord
and ask that you will keep her safe.

courage does not always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying.. i will try again tomorrow.
~maryanne radmacher

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Positive thoughts are coming your way! May this round of treatment work for you!


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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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To Fern, Catherine, Nicki, Gina, Carrie, Fllorik, SoCal, Constantine, Bren, BMD, Angel, Deb, Lizws, and all who bring their hopes, hearts, minds, and spiritual confidence while needing strength and victory to live, love, and meet all the hardships head-on, charging forward, bravely, courageously and valiently. 
This is a prayer, one I believe encompasses the earthly world, and the world beyond.
By the way, G, I had a thought today, tried to post it, lost it...for a thread containing music and spiritual musical tastes from various beliefs and sacred songs, choral, classical, jazz, blues, Budhism, Hinduism, Planetary Containmentism, or whatever faith and love brings one through such an experience as devastating as cancer.
It was my connection to the stars, the Great Spririts, G-d, Mary Mother of Jesus, and all the songs, classics, modern, gospel, mountain dulcimer songs, Swedish  Songs, Italian Renaissance, Native African and South American Tribal music, drums, jungles, birds, howling wolves, the sea, wind, water, fire, silence...all music to my soul.
It would be so humble and endearing to share the beauty and love of spiritural inspiriation through mustic, with others who have so many thoughts and feelings regarding their beliefs in the universe, galaxy, church, the forests, the planets; to share this is magical and wonderous.  Music...
my heart was singing Turn, Turn, Turn, tonight...and Jean Ritchie's songs got me spinning into the spectacular impressions art, music and song bring to all living things.
Love you Ferne...I'd sing you a song, but my voice is de-toned and gone via "instant chemo menopause"...but I still sing, and will always pretend I sound like an Opera Folky from that little planet where "The Little Prince" found his ultimate peace.  Music...who can define it, really?
Love, prayers, and hope for positive result on those musical radiation results...maybe you should walk into the office singing...Lavender's Blue, or Kumbya, My Lord!


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