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Dear Edge,
No wonder nobody knew who I was talking about when I mentioned your name...I had no idea how to pronounce it.  Can-klee-dis....wrong.  I won't even attempt to impress the musical sounds Dr. Faraway immediately knew who you are, and corrected my ignorant clumsy imitation of your beautiful name.  First boo-boo.  I think he thought I was kind of stupid...not to mention a horrific incident preceding the appointment, when my DH threw my files, prescriptions, and ex-rays all over the back seat of the car; because I could not find my shoes.  I was running late (as usual), and we are having some difficult (to say to least) times.  Needless to say, my impression upon this world renowned Surgeon/Oncologist must have been less than zero.  The hospitals didn't sent the ex-rays or the records, the mammograms were not in the correct office, and the day was totally embarrassing.  I also thought he was a specialist in thyroid and parathyroid cancers, which he is; however, that is a separate area, in which one must go to a the original hospital, make a separate appointment and some incorporate the Breast Cancer Triple Negative Issue, with the Surgery, and then the Thyroid Specifics.  I'm beginning to see how it all works; he commented on questions I should be asking Dr. Ship'Starbird, and immediately took one look at me and commented:  "Oh, I know all about YOU!"....and scheduled another appointment for next March.  
I am so confused.  My world is like a Fishy Aquarium, crashed, broken, with eveything wet, flippy floppy, upside-down, and appearing unsalvagable.  I am not complaining, just stating the facts.  Maybe it's the low level of Vitamin D...1?  Should I be dead, already?  Yike-o-lee's.  Moley Crap! 
Going to the Opthamologist for "surgical exploration", after going to an Optomatrist who saw muscular deficient areas around the eyes; not Astigmatism, as he suffers from it as well.  The eyeballs looked good, but the problems is around, behind and within the fibrous surrounding area; according to him.  I thought he was dependable, expert, and knew his biz.  He sugguested I get my eyes to my Opthamologist NOW. 
So, they are seeing me next week...I was originally given an "earliest avaiable appointment at the end of December".  I wonder if they will cut my eyeballs out....ick.
I cannot find Van Morrrison's Ragland Road Version ANYWHERE.  He is my "true love artist of all time", especially Astral Weeks.  I am now obsessed with finding the song.  I've been too busy going to Doctors and re=organizing the piles of files; meanwhile; the cat has decided to use the area behind the giant television (which I never watch, can't move, and detest because it's absurdly large, heavy, ugly, and I don't watch television, ever.  It has an area behind it the cat (Mr Dorian Gray's female adoration of love who despises him with the greatest intensitity); as her secret kitty box.  The entire room must be evacuated, carpet removed, and from a life-long cat lover; at the moment, I hate cats.  Why am I telingl you this?
I don't know.
I hope your latest research and remarkable intellect will find a way to help us to over come "stupid-head" chemo-brainless- fool-itis. 
I love you Constantine;
Thank you for understanding my need to, whatever it is I am needing.  I had a beautiful poem by our favorite poet, an exerp from  the Rubiat; cat decided it was good cat litter paper.  I'll look for a copy, at the most, I am cat-pissed off.
I hope you have a beautiful weeked, dear Constantine~
If you can find a copy of the Van Morrison Ragland Road Song; or a connection to it, I would so appreciate your information.
I can't even find an album with the song, and I believe you may have introduced one of a very few favorite songs into my world of music (I used to be a musician, and now it's impossible).  Thank you, sweet Constantine.


Chief of Research
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I wouldn't give too much thought to what impression you made on our Dr. Faraway, it is of no real significant consequence.  As to the Vitamin D, yes this can take quite a while to build up to optimal serum levels, and some while after that for benefits to set in, especially in cases of long-term deficiency, so - perhaps unfortunately - the day is young, but there is no question of needing to eradicate insufficient Vitamin D, so you're on the right path.


You are right that finding the Van Morrison version of Raglan Road (from the Irish Heartbeat album, Polydor, 1999) is near impossible.  I have it only on vinyl, not on CD, but I'll check to find an online version.  In the interim, you can try the version at Metro Lyrics (click on Play Song Now) but it's a  radio audio recording and isn't always available due to broadband restrictions (best to try during week).  But as soon as I get a chance, I'll try to track it down.


Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

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