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Unfortunate that he is  not familiar with the new high or ultra-sensitive estradiol tests (despite doing this for 20 years; other users here were able to get  the test). You might try your oncologist if you are  interested in pursuing this.  But on the more important issue, any word yet on the liver nodule status, cyst or not?


Constantine Kaniklidis

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Hi Constantine,

The onc didn't know about the estradiol test and refered me to the gyn, who didn't know either. He will at least do an ultrasound due to the strange PET last year saying the ovaries look okay and have a slight uptake. He said it is slightly possible, something would grow back out of tissue and form a cyst but he doesn' t think so. He also mentioned that 19.4 estradiol is good for post menopausal. The whole Aromatase thing is possibly not known to him, he does know about Tamox...

I will try to get a lab code for the onc visit instead.

I also have a CT this Wednesday (checking on old lung nodule and liver as well) and a follow up on Monday then with the onc (went for blood and TM's today)
I feel like I am falling apart but anyone else on this board and others would too, comes with the territory of cancer.
In addition to that, I have trouble walking/jogging since 5 weeks and just found a hard nodule in my groin, I would say it is right at the junction of the hip joint but in the groin. I was just about to google lymph nodes but why would there be only one? I want to run on my trail so badly, it sure helps with anxiety.
Hopefully that is muscle related.

Thank you so much for checking in with me, I appreciate your time.
I hope your friend with the inflammatory breast cancer is doing well under the circumstances? Hugs and prayers to her!

Thank you for checking in and listening.

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