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Goddess Forever
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So......I know its been a while. I need advice from my warriors. I have to see my Dr. Tomorrow so she can explain to me what could attribute to an elevated c4...........I had labs
done because I had hives on my face & it was red & swollen. She wanted to test for lupis. According to my Google search the levels would be low for lupis & high for cancer. Can I get any other information from someone that isn't going to cause an anxiety attack before my appointment tomorrow? Love u all........thanks.

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Hi there Stacy,
It's good to see you.
I think they are going to the lupus angle because of the rash on your face. But the level can be "off" for any number of reasons... I don't think you should think cancer. It is an autoimmune marker- if anything, it could be elevated because of  the hives and will go back to normal again once you are feeling better.
Stay away from Dr. Google ... you know better than that honey!




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Goddess Forever
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Thanks G.....

I am driving myself crazy with worry. My five year anniversary is coming up.....10/14
I will let you know what happens.

I have nosurrender bookmarked on my kindle now.

Chief of Research
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The fact of a rash (even a butterfly rash over the cheeks and bridge of the nose) even with associated joint pain is not dispositive for SLE.

It certainly need further exploration and testing, but an isolated value is no assurance of either SLE or malignancy: C4 can also be elevated in
  • Lyme disease,
  • ulcerative colitis, and
  • something called psoriatic arthritis (which may be isolated to the scalp or face, or other local area, and can cause joint pain), which can often be mistaken for lupus; and
  • hepatitis can sometimes be reflected in either a decreased or an elevated C4. 
  • Finally, C4 can also be increased, along with other unrelated proteins called acute phase proteins, during acute or chronic inflammation, including many inflammatory dermatological conditions.
Let see what your physician says and what further xploratory testing yields.


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Goddess Forever
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Congrats on your anniversary

Sorry to hear about your troubles.
I recently came down with multiple blisters on my lip (coldsores, herpes simplex) and finally one right between my eyes (this happened during chemo as well when my immune system was down)....don't know what caused it this time but we had a lot of stress in our live. A bit better now and the the sores are gone.
Hopefully yours got resolved and you don't have to worry....Our bodies are amazing....both ways....what we can get and what we can overcome  

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~
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