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I have a subscription to the GeneRX online drug interaction site.  I entered Femara with all of the herbal, OTC and other meds I am taking and was suprised at the following interactions (even if they are minimal) with Femara.

Tumeric (curcumoids) 0 to 25% interaction
Broccoli 0 to 25% interaction
Aleve 0 to 25% interaction
Zantac 0 to 25% interaction

My other meds, Fosamax, fish oil, CO-Q-10, calcium citrate, vitamin d3, acacia fiber, digestive enzymes and melatonin were OK but I was surprised at Tumeric and Aleve.  I take my Zantac, Tumeric and Aleve at 7 am in the morning with most of my other supplements and I take Femara and Melatonin before bed.  I am hoping the minimal interaction will be Okay since I take them at least 10 hours apart.

What do you think Edge?  I am very worried about anything interfering with Femara as I do believe it is my best defense against a recurrence since I am strongly ER and PR positive but I wanted to follow the CAM regimen you have mentioned many times. 

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