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Basically you make crockpot dressing the same way as regular dressing. Only add one egg, maybe two but no more. Get it pretty soupy, with chicken broth and cook it for about 5 hours.

You premake and crumble a pan of cornbread, we love Jiffy cornbread. You take about 6 slices of your favorite bread, we use white for some reason. And you toast the bread, it is easiest to toast it in the oven broiler on both sides. Throw the pieces into the food processor. Saute an onion and some celery(even amounts) with some butter or margarine. Then all you have to do is bag up everything throw in the frig overnight.

I get up about 6 AM on Thanksgiving. I throw in my bagged up stuff. I add an egg or two, some seasonings. Then I add chicken broth. Right now I have two boxes and three cans, I won't use that much but I like to add some every couple of hours. It is ready about 11 AM. We travel with it. So if eat at home just start it later.

It is moist and tender. Some of our family likes oysters in it, and I like a bit of chicken in mine. Whatever you like throw it in. I am a sage dressing eater, but my DH hates sage. So have no dressing fear!

I should say I have made huge vats of dressing for fundraisers, I feel like I can make dressing in my sleep. If you need help PM Wednesday I will walk you through it!

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