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the following is a post from a new member from Poland who had trouble logging on because our forum was acting up again. I have corrected the problem and am pasting his questions for you here...

We come from Poland, yestarday we have join your forum nick Jagoda but I can not use option new post, that is why I am writing you an email.

Our doctors make their job to cure my mother but now I see that they have some problem with taking decision what cure option will be the best on that stage of disease? So I would like to possibly ask you Mr Constantine - Edge to advice us what will be best cure? I would be truly gratfull for any advice.


My Mom Jagoda start to have breast cancer in 2008 found by injection:

25.07.2008 - Injection - Caricroma ductale Invasium. Bloom II (2+3+1). IM 4/10HPF.

18.08.2008 - Chemotherapy before mastectomy. CTX 850 mg; FU 850 mg; ADB 85 mg - 4 cycles every 3 weeks. Last chemo before mastectomy was 21.10.2008.

1.12.2008 - Mastectomy of left breast.

10.12.2008 - Pathomorfology raport: "Caricroma tubulo-ductale invasium necrotians" Infiltratio caricronomatsa; foci carcinomatosi. Tumor ca. 2 cm. ER (-) PR (-) Her2++ 25%, (after Fish method +++); PT4N1.

30.12.2008 - Chemotherapy (6 cycles every 3 week)

First chemo - CTX 850 mg, Taxol 290 mg

Second to six chemo - CTX 850mg, Taxotere 120 mg

24.04 2009 - 30.05.2009 - Radiotherapy 50 GY in 25 fraction.

5.08.2009 - start of taking herceptin every 3 weeks (together taking 14 cycles)

First 490 mg and after 380 mg every 3 weeks until:...first come back of disease which was in 05.2010 small red spots under the mastectomy scar: Pathmorfology: emboliae carcinomat in lumine vasorum cutis

27.05.2010 - stops herceptin after 14 cycles because of progression as is written above.

27.07.2010 - start new chemotherapy Navalbine 50 mg - 14 cycles every 3 weeks. The spots disepeared completly after that cure.

22.12.2010 - last dose of Novalbine, 

no sign of cancer anywhere in body, no spots under the mastectomy scar, for half a year.

15.07.2011 - cancer come back, 4 small spots-buble under left arm, near mastectomy scar but not same place as first time. Pathomorfology: Foci carcinomatosi. The buble was taken of by chirurgy. At the same time 11.08.2010 my mom found solid tumor in second right breast (injection, Pathomorfology show: "cellulae carcinomatosae").

11.08.2011 - start new chemotherapy Xeloda - 3500mg (14 days, 7 days off), lapatinb 1250 mg - every day (21 day cycle).

After 2-3 months the tumor in second breast disappear completly. No sign of tumor on TK in second breast.

xeloda lapatin continue

03.11-08.12.2011 breake off taking chemo because not good filling, hospital for 1 week for recovery.

After hospital recovery, therapy continue

xeloda lapatinb continue as above

29.03.2012. breake off taking chemo because of not good filling

xeloda lapatinb continue

26.04.2012 start taking smaller dose of xeloda 2500 mg (14 days, 7 days off), lapatin 1250 mg. (every day in 21 days cycle)

25.05.2012 - above the mastectomy scar a small red spot-splash apear

xeloda and lapatinb continue

after 2 months more spot-splash above and below mastectomy scar.

So we would like to ask what will be the best option for our disease in today moment?

Could you help us, our doctors thinking too what will be best option now, maybe from your experience, also from clinical trials you would give us some advice.

Could you place our information on your FORUM maybe someone else have experience the same, maybe Mr. Constantine will also firn some time to look at our case?



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