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I was diagnosed Sept/2011 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma stage 3, 1.4 cm with no lymph node involvement.  Pathology was ER- PR- Her2 neg.  Ki-67 55%, p53 100%.  I began neoadjuvant dose dense AC>T.  After my 2nd cycle of Paclitaxol the onc was less than impressed with the tumor response and we went ahead with a lumpectomy and sentinel node dissection.  Nodes came back clear and margins were good.  

Now my confusion. The pathology from surgery came back ER+ PR- Her 2 neg Ki-67 10%.  Is it normal for a triple neg cancer to change receptor status after chemo treatment?  Should treatment now be changed to reflect the ER+ status? Could this be a lab error?   Originally the plan was to complete the remaining 2 chemo cycles and follow with radiation.  Now chemo is on hold until the path can be further explained.  I would appreciate any input.  Do labs routinely keep tissue samples for any amount of time?  It has been 5 months since my original pathology, but it seems like I should request that it be reevaluated.


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Hi Julie, I answered your other post in the other forum. I recommend that you have your slides sent to another lab, preferably a large teaching hospital or cancer center for a second opinion. Yes, they do keep them and doctors often send them elsewhere for another pathologist's point of view.



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