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My oncologists does not recommend any scans or a PET scan.  I have not yet had a bone scan or anything other than my breast biopsy where I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  No MRI's either.

SO......I am done with surgery, chemo and radiation and have an appt. after 3 months with my oncologist this Friday.  I have an appt. 2 weeks after that with my surgeon.

I know I can ask for any of the above and they will do them, even though they will NOT suggest them.  What would you say is the most important for me just coming out of radiation and chemo?  A bone scan, cat scan or PET???

I think I am going to ask in July when I get my next yearly mammogram, for an MRI instead.

Thanks for your suggestions.  I value them very much!!!!!!


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if you ask for a breast mri make sure and get it pre-approved from your insurance company as they have gotten pretty fussy about those (i'm sitting here waiting to see if the review is going to change their ruling or i will owe $4,000 ..wonder what it would have been had i had TWO boobs)  ... and if you get a PET i've heard the PET/CT combo is best as they can cross correlate the two ....

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Isn't it standart of care to get one for staging before chemo? I guess not?

I'd be asking for a MRI also.

God Bless

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This is what I had after I was done with my first chemo for my first cancer:

PET, Abdominal/Chest CT, and Bone Scan.

You are too "hot" right now for a PET because you just completed rads. They usually wait about 4 months before you can get that done. But you can get the other tests.

I am SO GLAD I had those done back in 2002 because NOW if anything is bothering me, they can check it against those scans and see if something is new or if it is something old and not anything to worry about.

And if you need back up- call me! I will fight FOR YOU!!!





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In the end of November I had a CT and a Nuke med bone scan that came back clean.  In MArch the PET scan showed my bone marrow was full of cancer, but no lesions in the hard part of the bone.  My onc said the Nuke med bone scan does NOT pick up the cancer in the marrow well, so we are not sure if it was there in November or not.  She thinks that it most likely was started in November, but the scan could not see it.....
I will never again trust that type of bone scan.  It didn't give me the information I needed...
A CT scan DID pick up my lymph nodes in March and they were NOT enlarged on the one in November.

I don't know if that helps you at all, but it is what happened with me.

Deb C 

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