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Gilbert O'Sullivan's song has been playing in my head since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer...

I remember listening to "Alone Again, Naturally", from teen-hood till now, and never really listened to the words  (thinking it was a bit self-centered and depressing).  Now it has a strange essence, like a fine wine, cheese, a great pair of bluejeans, favorite leather boots, shoes, or a riding saddle, a good old dog, cat, horse, or...(ha,ha,, lol),  a spouse;  all aged with quality improvements with the benefits of time.  I wish this "getting better with age theme" held true for the long-term benefit of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation,  biological & hormonal cancer therapies.  I wonder how many minds & spirits relate to the words and the tune of this song?  Alone Again, Naturally...and I am not sure why.  I love the tune, the words, and the message.

Alone Again(e), Naturally


Oh dear..., almost forgot why I was inspired to post the alone again song...I was visiting the brand new format on THE CUTTING EDGE, and looking for the new Triple Negative Case Studies.  I can't seem to locate them.  I also visited your newly designed Breast Watch & Evidence Watch, and was completely taken by surprise.  I forgot what a superlative, excellent, and knowledge-packed information center you created,  providing access & solutions for researchers, inquiring minds & readers.  

As one of your adoring fans, I needed to say:   THANK YOU, EDGE! 

And like other fine sites (NO SURRENDER, of course)...Breast Watch is splendid, and getting better with "time"! 

Thank you for sharing your remarkable minds,  Constantine and Gina. Sometimes, you are both so amazing...and sometimes I am convinced that you both may be   Secret Angel Agents  

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