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Hi Edge,
What supplements and brand do you recommend? I am over 4 1/2 years out from triple negative breast cancer, will be five years in Dec. So far so good. I currently take Vit D, Calcium, flaxseed, reservatrol. The supplement world is so confusing, what brand to use, how much to take? Can you give me list of recommended supplements? I had my vit d levels checked recently they were a 37, should they be higher, my doc doesn't seem concerned. Thanks for all the great information you provide on this site.

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At 4.5+ years post-Dx as you probably know, you're in the significantly more favorable reduced risk phase of triple negative disease.  Now as to CAM antitumor intervention,  I give the full details of supplements, amounts, best brands, ordering sources,  etc. in the latest version (2.2, as of 8/8/08) of my Edge-CAM Regimen (click on link to follow), which should answer all your questions.  As to the Vitamin D levels, the weight of the evidence I have reviewed and presented supports that they should top 42ng/ml for bone health, but at least 50ng/ml for antitumor benefit.  


Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch

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