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goddess forever
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Fabulous news. I am a Nana to Raya.She is gorgeous just like her mother(not allowed to post photos.) my daughter had a 3 hr labor lucky girl.The new family are doing well
Great news January was my 8 year  BC anniversary still dancing with NED.
Not so encouraging news was that my  Radiation oncologist who had been away came back which is good but decided not to wait on MRI wanted to recess me herself.My MRI was clear at end of November and 2 new tiny brain mets showed up in new places.I am bummed out .The plan is for me to go to Florida as planned next week for 2 weeks and then redo MRI and sterataxic procedure on my return.It will all be booked before I leave.I have started the boswellic acid too. The oncologist wasn't too impressed that both thoracic surgeon and lung oncologist had discharged me.She is ordering  a ct scan of the chest at the same time as MRI. I am hoping that they might look at some chemo this time too.
The continuing saga of decadron withdrawal down to 1mg a day and can't handle less. I will be seeing an endocrinologist on my return to for her assistance in coming off decadron....
Thanks for allowing me to hang around although my brain mets are due to lung cancer rather than BC. strangely enough my 86 year old Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer last month too.


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Dear Shelagh,
Congratulations on the baby girl!!
I'm sorry we cannot see her  -  did you try using photobucket?
Yes, start that boswellic acid!! The Edge cam works!
I am also sorry about your dad, I hope he is ok.
And You are always welcome here- no matter what kind of cancer! Don't ever worry about that!!!!




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Moon Goddess of Love & Hope
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Dear (((((Shelagh)))))

I've been thinking about you so much. Your last post was filled with such joys but challenges too. I am so happy about your granddaughter! Sorry about your Dad, I hope he is doing ok, cancer can be very slow moving at that age and may not be too much of a problem?

I am glad that your Rad Onc was on top of things and got you the MRI right away. I'm sorry about the 2 new lesions, but great that they can be taken care of with SRS--has the procedure been done yet?

I had a few setbacks too coming off decadron following my gamma knife for brain mets on Feb 22nd...and am still weaning off them now...I am wondering what kind of problems you experienced trying to go lower than 1 mg?

I am sending you big hugs and thinking of you all the time, my canadian sister. Glad you got the Boswellic acid (make sure it is good formulation though--check with Edgy) and also don't forget there are other Edge-CAM components specifically for CNS issues that Constantine can email you about if you ask, and perhaps you have already done so... (

sending you love!

enjoy your beautiful Raya like a ray of sunshine!

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