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Goddess Forever
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Thanks Lee. We were posting at the same time.

xxoo, Michele

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Hope your dental appt turned out good today.  Just thought I would give you my thoughts on the prophy mast.  Last Dec when we found the lump in the left side, the options were presented to me as lumpectomy or mastectomy...after much prayer (and finding the biopsy was TN), I opted for bilat mast with immediate reconstruction.  My breast surgeon said that she thought the bilat mast was a "very wise choice"...I was too stunned to really make any other decisions and really went on the guidance of my docs for the reconstruction, implants, etc...Anyways, it wasn't until after the bilat mastectomy, that we found I had more than one tumor in the left and the right was forming a 5cm DCIS...I had a clear mammo and ultrasound only 2 months I say go with your gut!!!  I don't regret my decisions.  (I am doing reconstruction w/implants...but if something fails or cancer returns, I don't think I will do it again...but so far, with the exception of expander pain the first few months, doing well with the expanders--will have the 2nd stage next Feb/Mar because of radiation coming up.)  Best wishes on your decision and getting your surgeon to hear you!
Kim we both have been similiar in our chemo's, etc...I think you are doing great! 

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